StarQuest helps collaborators on a project to:

  • Find and share digital artefacts quickly

    Find and share digital artefacts quickly

    Drag and drop from 250+ content providers of video, audio, photos, maps, presentations, products and many more

  • Frame activity through goal setting

    Frame activity through goal setting

    Automatically combines subject areas with personalised goals for collecting, relating, creating, sharing and providing feedback

  • Discuss and reflect on topics and artefacts

    Discuss and reflect on topics and artefacts

    Provides unlimited opportunities for discussion on any content artefact, topic or idea. As easy as Facebook, without the distractions

  • Reduce loafing through social game mechanics

    Reduce loafing through social game mechanics

    Minimize lack of contribution through goal-setting, turn taking and productivity dashboards

  • Simplify peer support and feedback

    Simplify peer support and feedback

    Facilitates requests for feedback and exploration of new topics. Provides unary social mechanism for highlighting usefulness

  • Work with any file format

    Work with any file format

    Drop any file from 200+ supported formats to instantly preview, share and comment on the content

Improving collaboration through personalised gamification

We don't all like the same books so why force everyone to use the same interface?

There are many factors that may impact productivity within a given online social platform, ranging from the quality of interpersonal relationship of participants, situational and contextual factors (i.e. attitude toward organisation), quality of user interface and cultural perspectives. However a fundamental gap in knowledge, which this study is looking to address, is the impact of game dynamics as it relates to framing social interactions and their impact on performance. We are focusing on the impact of reward structures manifest through gamification and the mediating effect of personality traits.
Kam Star
- principal researcher

Using personality traits and individual's outlook

We'll uncover which game mechanic get the best out of what type of person

I get a kick out of competing, its great to know where you stand and keep improving
Ms Competitor
Ms Competitor
Likes to be number 1
Working with others is my driver, I like to see I'm making a contribution to the whole
Mr Collaborator
Mr Collaborator
Likes to be 1 with all
I don't want gamification, just give me the tools and let me use it for what I need, thanks!
Ms No frills
Ms No frills
Likes nothing but function

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Facilitator driven focus

Unlike direction-less social platforms, StarQuest provides facilitator and participants with control over areas of focus

Drag and drop anything

Pick any content, from any site or any file and drop it into StarQuest, it’s instantly shared and previewed for all team mates

Turn taking

Every team member takes a turn in completing activities, team-mates can give a gentle nudge

Automated goals

Goals are suggested based on the projects activity and participants preferences

Furthering the science of collaboration using game mechanisms

The study will explore three game dynamics


All pulling together


Rewards are framed around the collective effort


Competing for position


Rewards are framed around individual rank


Everything but rewards


All functionalities minus the gamification

So, what do you say?

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